Hello, mucalc developer here, I suggest you use cocalc, since the development of mucalc is pretty much dead. Feel free to contact @antoineMoPa if you want to buy the domain name.

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Shareable math in your browser

test μCalc (mucalc) is a collaborative calculator

To use it, try a demo sheet
μCalc lets you plot functions & do basic calculations
share the sheet URL with your friends/classmates/colleagues!

Have fun!

Try an example

Click one of the launch buttons to create a new sheet with a pre-loaded example.

Area of a circle

This small example shows how to do basic calculations and how to use variables.

Plot sin(x)

This example shows how to convert angles and how to plot functions.

Convert, round & plot

This example shows how to convert units and how to round values. We also see that we can use round() in plots.

mucalc, shareable math in your browser


  • Completely open source
  • Play with numbers
  • Plots Functions
  • Write text containing LaTeX equations
  • Store values in variables
  • Convert units

Use μCalc as a project logbook

Do you have math intensive team projects? Keep track of your math in and let everyone access the important notes, solutions and results. Document solutions using text cells and LaTeX equations.

Use μCalc in PBL (Project Based Learning)

μCalc was created with PBL in mind. In a class, set up a projector with and let students access and edit the sheet. Use in small groups to encourage the sharing of ideas. Everyone who has an idea can type it right away. Lock the sheet when the problem is solved or when the class is over so that everyone can access the solution at home while studying.

Keep track of your math while doing your homeworks

Use μCalc instead of your calculator (or along with it) and keep track of the problems you solve. If there is a small change in a problem, or if you made a mistake, change what needs to be changed and re-calculate. Erase less and save paper. If teammates need help with a problem, send them the link to the sheet. Ask them for help when you are stuck!

Team work @home

Many times, two brains are better than one. It is even better if you don't have to go away from home (or the coffee shop?). Solve problems in team and do your math together wherever you are in the world. You can use the chat to think out the problem, you can create plots simultaneously and try solutions faster.

μCalc lets you have fun with fractals

Julia fractal

You can use complex numbers to generate fractals. Simple mathematical expressions can create complex shapes & images. Results can be beautiful & fascinating. Other times, it will look like an insect. This is an image of the Julia set.